The German Red Cross (GRC) is a central organization of Non-statutory Welfare. The division for Youth and Social Welfare in the GRC Headquarters discharges all duties associated with this field:
  • the legal representation of interests at the federal level and vis-à-vis the EU
  • consultation of the GRC member associations and the qualification of management and specialist personnel by way of further education and training offers
  • the tapping and solicitation of financing from the budgets of the EU and the federal government, as well as from external funds and use of one's own resources for financing of permanent duties and innovative pilot projects.

Legal Representation of Interests

The legal representation of interestsThe objective of the representation of interests is always improvement in the living situation of people in need of help.
  • is free of party-political and ideological influences
The involvement aims at the elimination and alleviation of desperate situations, at improvement of people's living situation and at realization of minimum humanitarian standards and human rights. With the division for Youth and Social Welfare the German Red Cross is involved in many professional associations. At the general meeting of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Freien Wohlfahrtspflege [The Federal Association of Non-statutory Welfare] and on the Präsidium des Deutschen Vereins für öffentliche und private Fürsorge [German Association of statutory and non-statutory welfare] the GRC is represented by Vice President Donata Freifrau Schenck zu Schweinsberg, Secretary General Christian Reuter and Director of Youth and Social Welfare Division Dr. Joß Steinke.

Offers of the GRC

The division for Youth and Social Welfare aims at ensuring that the offers of the GRC
  • are rooted in the communities:
The offers of the GRC are part of the social environment and aim at cooperation with the local authorities and other institutions in the community. This helps to ensure that local resources are used, that need for action is recognized at an early stage and that requirement-specific help is offered. The offers and the GRC as an association contribute to the variety of the organization, e.g. with respect to various origins, disabilities, age groups, etc.
  • achieve added value by linking all GRC fields of duty:
The GRC offers a variety of different services. Regardless of the focussing on certain duties, this width is used as an opportunity to link the services of the GRC with each other such that they generate additional value for the users.
  • are characterized and enriched by honorary positions and voluntary work: 
Honorary positions and voluntary work play a significant role in all offers. The perspectives of the honorary workers guarantee in a special way the organization of the offers, the basis of which is determined by the needs of the users.
  • are characterized by very high quality:
High quality standards are adopted for facilities and services for the most important fields of duty, as well as for the other main fields of duty. Division for Youth and Social Welfare represents the interests of those who need the help and support to eliminate social discrimination, misery and inhumane situations. It is committed to improvement of individual, family and social living conditions.